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Crown Molding

crown moulding not finishedDon’t Settle For A Half Finished Job

I Am Home Inc is a licensed General Contractor company with 11 years of experience installing Crown Molding.

Some people advertise their crown molding installed at $4.50 a linear foot.


What they do not tell you is that this is an unfinished crown job. When they leave, there will be hundreds of nail holes and black gaps that need to be caulked and painted. They will walk away and you will be left with a crown job that looks like the picture.

This is hours of additional work, which can be difficult for an inexperienced homeowner.

We will complete the job. We measure, install, fill nail holes, caulk and paint!

We are upfront about our costs. We charge $6.50 a linear foot for up to 12 foot ceilings and $7.75 a linear foot for 12-13 foot ceilings.

This cost includes: 5 1/4″ wood crown molding material, installation, caulking of all nail holes, seams and corners, and finish painting.

Buying 5 1/4″ crown material at Home Depot or Lowe’s will cost you close to $3.00 a linear foot on it’s own!

Get your home ready to show off for Christmas!

Save $25 off – 100 linear feet – mention code: 25crown

Save $50 off – 300 linear feet – mention code: 50crown

Save $100 off – 500 linear feet or more – mention code: 100crown

If you are interested, please set up your Free measuring today.

You can call us directly at 813-856-5300

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We are a fully licensed and insured residential contractor company dealing with both small and large projects, from; kitchens, bathrooms and home additions to windows, doors, trim and more.

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Crown Molding